Products Reviews and Giveaways

We review products from anyone, small or large sellers.  We have the right to refuse any product if it doesn't  meet with our standards.

Product or website reviews will include:

    * A blog post describing the product or website.
    * Pictures of the product.
    * A button linking back to your site.

Email me all relevant information of the product/website being review or advertise.

Email me for pricing.



Giveaway is a great way of increasing exposure to your site.

All products submitted for review will become property of reviewer.

The giveaway item does not have to match the review item.

At the end of the giveaway. we will email you the winner's information, and you(the seller) is responsible to send the prize and cover the shipping cost to the winner address.

    * A blog post describing the product.
    * Pictures of the product.
    * link to your web site and Facebook page.

Giveaways can run starting at 2, 3 or 4 weeks. However, they can be longer or shorter at your request.

Email me all relevant information of the product given away/review.

Many of the giveaways are free of charge